• Q MAGAZINE | 4 starstarstarstar « A vibrant 3rd solo album…  big, beaty highly combustible mix of North African rhythms, driving guitar rock groove and Mezel’s own feisty vocal »

  • MOJO MAGAZINE | 4 starstarstarstar « Mezel has both the vocal chops and the songs »

  • THE GUARDIAN | 4 starstarstarstar « Iness Mezel's French and north African fusion blues makes for an impressive set »


    THE TELEGRAPH | 4 starstarstarstar « Iness Mezel’s Beyond the Trance is a Master Class in viscéral post-folk »



    THE ARTS DESK | « Iness Mezel’s manifesto for spiritual independence also happens to rock like hell »

  • Mondomix | 5 starstarstarstar  « Outre sa voix souple et puissante, Iness Mezel a apporté un lot de chansons d'une redoutable efficacité ....déferlantes de rythmes trépidants et de mélodies fluides qui mériteraient bien des passages radio.»





Beyond The Transe

Wrasse Records/Universal

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